BLIJDORP ZOO | Rotterdam

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yesterday was a somber day for my immediate family, heavy news about the health of someone we love, our mother who turned 80 this year, came out – not entirely unexpected but still quite devastating. With this lingering at the back of my mind this morning, I decided to go along with Teko and his brother to visit their ailing mom in Rotterdam, hoping to see her in as good a health as possible. For the one-hour ride I sat quietly in the car imagining both women, thinking philosophically about their lives then and how they are now.

After picking up Teko’s brother, at the last minute and perhaps a bit unfairly, our destination veered away from the retirement home and instead ended up being at the local zoo, an odd choice for three grown men but otherwise a pleasant idea on a warm, sunny day like today. I can’t recall the last time I was in Blijdorp, it surely must have been over 8 years ago when we still lived in Rotterdam, so a trip down memory lane was actually welcome, and mentally perhaps a needed diversion from the events of late.


If there was any takeaway from our zoo trip it’s that for all creatures inside or outside of cages, the circle of life continues. I’ll have to wait and see how this all progresses for my family in the next few months and hope that it goes as well as is humanly possible. As for Teko’s mom, to make up for today’s canceled appointment, his brother thankfully offered to see her tomorrow. With all my grievances about growing old these past few years I’m happy to be closer to a point where regret albeit ever so slowly, is behind me. Whether to dread or welcome it, I’ve made my decision – when that last moment comes, I know I seized the day, came to love, and was lucky to have had the opportunity.

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