VATICANO | Zutphen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The one and only restaurant open when we first visited Zutphen for lunch three years ago, Sultani, is still around and apparently still on top in TripAdvisor. While that again would’ve made a good option I think trying other places makes for a better-rounded experience, especially given the time it took to travel there. Though relying less and less on TripAdvisor these days, Vaticano still came up as a great second option and on this brilliant, relaxed Sunday, it was easy as pie to get there, grab a corner alfresco table, and partake in some respectable Italian food in the Dutch heartland.


Teko talked me out of getting any appetizer nor dessert – always have to save money, he said – but as is often the case with Italian food the carbs were consistently guilt-inducing, though less so this time given how satisfying the short meal was in the end. The service alone was efficient, helpful, and reason enough to come back on future visits, but as options still abound in this part of the country, we’ll just have to wait and see. Having tried Moroccan food before and now Italian, Zutphen so far is proving to be an international success – quite surprising frankly given its location. Can’t wait to be back for more.

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