Rating: 3 out of 5.

Whether it was designed that way or they simply ran out of clean soup bowls, the idea of soup in a wineglass is hopefully a trend that doesn’t go too far.

In my never-ending pursuit of what to do on weekends, my search led us to an often-overlooked mini-estate in lofty Baarn, overlooked because apparently we’d driven past it numerous times while in the area. After half an hour’s drive from Osdorp, from the main road it didn’t look all that impressive, which explains why it always went unnoticed, but given that the Google collective’s exceptional score seemed to indicate otherwise we stopped by anyway curious to find out exactly why. Parking was easy as pie, and not a minute later we were sitting comfortably in the sunny outdoor terrace ready to, with luck, experience a pleasant Sunday lunch.


The large plastic plant on our table was hard to miss, and the uncomplicated menu didn’t push the needle if at all. Even with an order of Kahlua on ice, there wasn’t much to celebrate our mini-journey to the uppity neighborhood of Baarn – the salmon panini was good enough but the strange tomato bouillon soup in a generic wine glass presentation was simply too avant-garde for comfort, just one sip was enough to satisfy any curiosity. The surrounding nature area though was nice to see, and the quick service meant we were out of there and back home in no time.

While Google wasn’t too successful this time, there’s still countless others waiting out there – and hopefully just as many opportunities for me to find out.

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