Restaurant GUTS | Amsterdam

This restaurant with an intriguing name was unmissable as it was always right under my nose at work – quite literally. Every time I peeked down my Utrechtsestraat-facing window, Guts was there calling me out to play, which frankly was tempting more than a few times this week. I spent a fair amount figuring out, in case the fates smiled, who to bring along once I gave in to Guts’ silent siren call and how it would go down once there. As luck would have it, a trusty work colleague, Sofia, was open to having drinks after work last Friday, a much deserved reward for a longer than usual work week, and even dinner afterwards – and with a surprisingly simple menu, it was either the five-course or the seven-course menu, they don’t make it hard to decide.

At two minutes past the stroke of six, we were the first customers through the door and had our choice of where to enjoy the evening. Not wanting an endless three-hour meal, it had to be the five-courser, and soon enough the parade of dishes served on beautiful Delft blue began.


Nine plates and 2,5 hours later – yes, it still ended up being a rather long dinner – with a delicious majority and only a few misses, and with thanks to the friendly, competent staff, the meal was completely satisfying, worth the effort, and lived up to my imagination. The chicken teriyaki slices, refreshing ceviche, and smoked pork with peas were standouts, with the rest nicely done but for some minor slips – sorbet and yogurt with beet cubes for dessert didn’t quite blend well.

It’s been a while since I sat down for such a long meal but surprisingly the evening went by just like that. In the end, as in most cases I suppose, it boiled down to the company, and with someone like my trusty colleague around – well, suffice it to say it, all the daydreaming at work turned out to be quite worthwhile.

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