Rating: 4 out of 5.

With its minimalist, striking interior decor and attractive breakfast presentation, Alchemia od Kuchni is primed and ready for the Instagram world we live in.

I came upon this place after a quick google search for a breakfast options in our Krakow neighborhood, and to be honest it looked too good to be true. Online listings said they opened at 10 am on Mondays – a little late but the amazing reviews, attractive menu options, artful presentation, and it being only 100 meters away swayed me in their direction. The fact they offered American-style pancakes and Eggs Benedict excited my tastebuds, staples of American restaurant breakfasts, the menu was reminiscent of the better brunch places in Amsterdam and I looked forward to going even if just by myself. As it happened, two people in our group, Jessica and Gino, were open to a last breakfast before they flew back to Switzerland, and with three’s company, we were there front and center at the stroke of 10. The problem was it looked like they were closed.

With posters askew as if they’d been out of business for months, no lights, and completely bare tables, if it wasn’t for someone hurriedly coming out of the entrance door, I was almost sure we were heading to a meal somewhere else. We went in and found someone holding menus a ready, heaved a sigh of relief – doubly so because they had air-conditioning – and excitedly ordered from the fairly extensive menu. The food was beautiful as expected.


Yet another successful meal in Krakow town, when lucky enough to get a table we’ve been quite happy with our choices and would definitely go back for more. The options for dining out in Krakow were a good mix and the service consistently accommodating, which was a pleasant discovery and a relief given the occasional whims of our small group.

Thanks, Krakow, it’s been delicious.


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