Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Our first morning in Krakow was an early one and the few places that were open at 7 am weren’t that many so it was with a little luck that Urban Garden came up in searches for the best breakfast in the city. After lingering in the main square, savoring the empty space, great weather, and near solitude, it was a quick walk to the restaurant as only their second customers of the day, and when I saw Cracovian breakfast on the menu I knew that was it. The breakfast was a simple affair with smoked meat, cheese, a pretzel, and different spreads. Nothing extraordinary but simple and satisfying as a starting repast to get us through to lunch.


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed the service in restaurants we’ve been to so far are quite accommodating, really attuned to making a great customer experience – something that’s mostly gone from similar places in the Netherlands and the surrounding area. A smile and a little bit of effort really do go a long way with me. We were finished with breakfast soon enough and out and about starting our business of discovery of Krakow town.


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