The biggest square in Europe – or at least that’s what some articles say – is now checked off my list.

Rynek Główny or Krakow Main Square with its St Mark’s Square Venice vibe is an impressive space in the medieval center, where the liveliness is contagious and, apart from one uncomfortable moment when a barker walked up next to me and somewhat aggressively asked if I wanted to meet girls and see a girlie performance, very family friendly. I really have to make an effort to dress more gay when I’m in public.

With the towering St Mary’s basilica, the attractive Cloth Hall, and the restaurants one after another in the fringes, it’s an absolute magnet to congregate, linger, and enjoy a beautiful open space – and on a couple of occasions, understandably a venue for professional photography appointments.


The weather this weekend has been perfect for summer so far – considering the 45 degree heatwave that occurred in France yesterday, especially so. We’ve been to the main square twice now, the first time in the late afternoon in the mid-20s and the second early in the morning in the high-teens, both times ripe for casually wandering around and taking photos for posterity. The heart of Krakow beats with vigor like a teenager heading off to a new adventure, and here’s hoping it stays that way.


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