On The Way To Kraków

Anxiety struck again, this time in a steamy, overcrowded Terminal C in Schiphol, where I was lucky enough to sit myself in a less hectic corner of the airport, close to a cold air vent and a power socket to keep my iPhone’s poor excuse for a battery from dying. With two hours to maintain my sanity before boarding, I focused on the clear, blue sky outside, a sign that the next few days will at least bode well in the continent weather-wise.


It was the start of my extended weekend in Poland, a place I’d thought a lot about visiting but which always played second fiddle to other options. After hours of waiting, KLM finally called us economy class folks to start boarding and ever so slowly the hard part was over – it was all peachy from there on.


A quick 90 minutes later – I lucked out and comfortably had two seats to myself, as well as a rejuvenating power nap – I could see the Polish landscape through the clouds, the attractive greenness same as in the Netherlands, but more textured and not as flat. Leaving the plane was painless and getting in and out of the fairly modern airport was a breeze. It was a good first impression and certainly more than I could ask for. Let the adventure begin.


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