Rating: 5 out of 5.

On the third and final night of our mini-break to Northern Germany and Denmark, we are in Glucksburg and it’s all because of a hotel.

Having never heard of Glücksburg before, the online pictures of the hotel, excellent reviews and seaside location proved to be enough reasons to break our potentially 10-hour trip back to Amsterdam into two still-long but shorter trips, and as we happily discovered the fuss over Strandhotel was all justified. The hotel is amazing in many respects.


The friendly reception was quick to check us in and even generously gave us some locally-produced jams as an impending birthday gift.  However, same as with our Rungsted hotel Teko was again disappointed to see no bath in the facilities – always a dealbreaker for him that one, though he did admit the room we got here is the best one yet on this long weekend trip.


The Strandhotel, with its white, nautical theme reminded me of the seaside hotel we had in Central California a few years back except this was a larger hotel, had better appointments, and an amazing restaurant. There’s a warm, cozy feeling being in Strandhotel Glücksburg and I think that’s the best thing going for it. It’s a complete shame we were only here for one night, the thought of waking up again to cool, fresh sea air and the sound of nature coming through our window is a priceless experience that happens too few times. In any case the fantastic buffet breakfast this morning successfully salved any hurt from leaving so soon, with the highest hope that we’ll wander through these parts again later on.


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