Rating: 5 out of 5.

This has got to be by far the liveliest castle I’ve seen yet.

Not only is it a well-deserved UNESCO heritage site, the Renaissance-era Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, the English name for Helsingør, here in Denmark is also the setting for Shakespeare’s famous Hamlet. All memory of this play from my Humanities class decades ago has been lost to the ages so seeing the castle come to life with actors gamely playing their parts was quite helpful, and their interaction with us visiting peasant hordes gave another dimension to this castle and its history, not to mention it being a fun experience. Luckily the actors spoke English, I suppose understandable given most visitors aren’t Danes, so I was able to appreciate this large-scale interactive theatre even more. I think they should even rent out costumes for that full immersive experience  — Asian tourists would definitely be on board for that!


Evidently Sweden is just 4 kilometers away across the Øresund Strait, which Teko kept harping at as he really wanted to step foot in Sweden. That’ll have to be on another trip, schat. If we do come back, I’ll have to brush up on my Hamlet so I can finally keep up with the story.


3 thoughts on “KRONBORG CASTLE | Helsingør

  1. Interesting to read Teko was here. In the 19th century his ancestors had to pay taxes in this castle. This enabled them to pass with their ship into the Baltic! No wonder this is such a beautiful castle. All the money the captains paid for passing the Sont went directly to the Danish crown!


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