Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am stunned as Frederiksborg is quite literally stunning in scope and grandeur, it was hard not to stay awestruck for the entire time I was there.


What struck me most about Frederiksborg were the unimaginably ornate ceilings found in many quarters, most spectacularly in The Great Hall or Riddersalen, which not only would have taken forever to sculpt and install, they would most certainly have also cost a huge fortune.  The levels of detail were amazing it boggled my mind. I can’t even get cornices in our small flat!


At some point though every room started to look the same and I was a bit palace’d out by the time we got to this our third Danish castle. It was also hard to avoid noticing the oblivious behavior from tour groups that came in the same time as we did, shouting, spitting, and throwing unfinished cigarettes on pathways in full public display – behavior that wasn’t beyond certain people, even glaring at them had no effect. There has to be a better system to curb this asocial behavior. A night of flogging in the dungeons should be a good start.


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