Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Even though the scene was trademark Banksy, he was nowhere to be found in the Langelinie promenade where Disney’s Ariel, equally known as HC Andersen’s Little Mermaid, lays in wait. It’s a wonder how such a piece of bronze art can cast so much charm that hordes come from all parts of the globe to be next to it. Yours truly included. It’s also much like how people act when close to Pisa’s Leaning Tower, they start to do wacky stuff, which in the Little Mermaid’s case is climbing over precarious sea-worn rocks at risk of a trip to the hospital.


To spend a minute here – two max – should be enough to establish online credibility but as tourists tend to linger, maybe because the act of getting to it takes longer than the need to enjoy it, the place crowds up quickly and evolves into a Wild West every man and woman for themselves atmosphere. After my photo attempts of Ariel were done, I lingered a bit to watch the crowd get excited with each selfie and group shot, it would have been tragic if it wasn’t funny. With fans like these not even a set of factory chimneys as background could disappoint. Very Banksy indeed.


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