Rating: 4 out of 5.

Plastic shoe covers at home may catch on I think.

After surveying Copenhagen’s City Hall, I was gung-ho to move on and happy to hear that sleep-deprived Teko still had energy to spare, and decided that Christiansborg Palace was worth a visit. It was according to google about 800 meters away, which isn’t much for most able-bodied men but honestly already a consideration for us given current circumstances. The walk over was mixed, at times cold enough in the shade to wear two layers, at times warm enough under the strong afternoon sun to start sweating that it got under my nerves for moments when we also had to contend with busy traffic, bike riders, and many other pleasure seekers. First world problems and nothing else.


By the time we reached the palace, it was busy but not unmanageable, and opted to see just part of the complex, the royal reception halls specifically. It was just too much castle for us old fogies.


Sufficient to say the palace was impressive and fit for any monarch. We were obliged to wear blue plastic covers over our shoes – better than going shoe-less I suppose – to save the royals from having to deal with proletariat maintenance. Quite happy to give my €13 for them to keep on reigning in style.


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