CAFÉ PARIS | Hamburg

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Resplendent in its Art Deco interiors, Café Paris became our venue for breakfast due more to circumstances than choice. Having arrived this morning in Hamburg during a non-working holiday – Hamburgers take their religious holidays very seriously from the looks of it – there were no restaurants visibly open, and the ones that planned to weren’t going to be for another few hours yet. It was therefore up to trusty google to rescue us from self-subjected hunger and lack of choice, and consequently guided us to this Art Deco wonder. Stepping inside the café was a look back in time, the atmosphere was striking.


While I wouldn’t have minded sitting on the ground floor, which was quickly filling up barely a few minutes after they opened at 9:30 – most of the tables had reserved signs on them – we got seated instead on the second floor where it was hard to miss the red velvet banquettes and bar stools that popped and contrasted with the sexy curved wooden interiors, complemented by warm yellow lighting. We ordered the house version of breakfast for two – three types of bread, four different cheeses, four different meats, accompanied by coffees, juices, and cremants, eggs, salmon, fruits, and marmalades. Hard to believe but these all fit on our café-sized table and for the next hour we leisurely devoured this breakfast horn-of-plenty in front of us. Thank goodness we both had an appetite.


As luck would have it no one else came to sit next to our table during the time we were there, and with the business of tourist still at hand it was time to leave satisfied and see more of the city. Despite no supporting evidence and judging on sheer gut, circumstances notwithstanding, Café Paris may well have given us the best breakfast in Hamburg.

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