MAURITSHUIS | Rembrandt en de Gouden Eeuw

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Looks like it isn’t just the Rijksmuseum that’s commemorating Rembrandt’s 350th death anniversary this year – the Mauritshuis down in The Hague is getting in on the action as well.

My brother and sister-in-law are back in the lowlands this year and decided that good ole Den Haag was worth a visit today. Tagging along meant I’d get to see the country’s seat of government from my family’s fresh eyes and be a de facto tour guide of a place I may, in many previous visits, have only scratched the surface of.  First stop was the Mauritshuis to say hello again to the girl and her pearl earring – and Vermeer’s other brilliant pieces – and incidentally to a temporary exhibit of Rembrandt’s other works, a lot of which could rival the quality of the ones at the Rijksmuseum’s special exhibition. An absolute master in using simple paint and brushstrokes to portray light, he’s truly deserving of all the attention.


For such a cozy, i.e. small, museum, Mauritshuis surely gives a lot back for the cost of entry. Not only is the building itself beautiful and well-kept, the quality of the art inside is exceptional and it’s always a pleasure to visit each time. If I had to criticize I’d wish they kept trash bins on each floor so we don’t have to go looking for someplace to rid ourselves of pesky water bottles after being sternly told they’re not allowed. And certainly friendlier security guards while they’re at it.



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