Rating: 4 out of 5.

We couldn’t let a nice weekend day pass us without doing something, anything, outdoors and, knowing Teko would be visiting his mom in Rotterdam for most of tomorrow by himself, the thought of me staying home-bound for two straight days wasn’t attractive, in the least. Since I’ve thought about Marken a few times in the last few months it was the clear choice where to go spend lunch and, maybe even a few hours, to while away the afternoon. Using my go-to TripAdvisor app we made the decision to go to Taverne de Visscher, which as luck would have it had a terrific terrace-side table waiting for us when we got there. We quickly got our orders taken and just as quickly got them on our table so much so that we were probably in and out in less than an hour. Quick, efficient, friendly, and with the classic plate of fish and chips that was the house specialty, it was a great choice.


Lunching waterside in a quaint town on a beautiful 21 degree day like today, it couldn’t have gone much better. Well, maybe a bit fewer tourists would’ve been nice. We spent the rest of the time walking around imagining us owning one of the dozens upon dozens of handsome, traditional Dutch houses in town, obviously not taking current commuting reality into account. As much as we both liked what we saw, Marken would have to wait another day.


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