Rating: 5 out of 5.

We’d talked in the past about going to Drenthe but the allure of driving over two hours to visit less than a handful of barely known sites just wasn’t that strong. Drenthe, as it turns out, is the only province in the Netherlands I’ve yet to check out, and after over a decade here it was about time we did. Following a somber visit to a Nazi transit camp in Hooghalen, we headed to unheard-of Veenhuizen for a meal at out-of-the-way Brouwerij Maallust where I found a nice, attractive place for lunch and where Teko found quiet disappointment. I saw a central California-style, high quality, period rest-stop that wouldn’t be out of place in San Simeon where Teko saw a brewery with a tiny food menu. Luckily we made the most of what was on offer and ordered what was easily the fanciest tosti – basically a Dutch panini – I’ve ever had, and a tasting menu of the craft beers they had on hand. I thought it was a great pit stop.


While our desired lunch turned out to be a quick snack break instead, given the artisanal atmosphere and quality food on offer I wouldn’t think twice about coming back if ever we’re in the area again, much to Teko’s chagrin I’m sure. Amazingly they’ve been in operation since 1818 so my track record may not matter anyway. See you again in 11 years, Maallust – if both of us are still around.

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