BRUNCH | Croos

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At 20 degrees, sunny, and with very few clouds, today was too nice of a day to waste indoors – I already did that yesterday anyway – so with some eagerness I woke up, showered, and got dressed to go out with Teko to Soesterberg 45 minutes away, though not before meeting up with Teko’s friend for a last-minute sidetrack to  Rotterdam. My usual habit of checking out places to eat beforehand got thrown out the window as we ended up driving aimlessly around North Rotterdam while looking for a place to have, at least, some coffee. Serendipitously or not, we came upon a nice-looking corner restaurant with an inviting alfresco area in the city’s Kralingen neighborhood for some decent brew and as I soon discovered, the smallest American pancakes anywhere on the planet.


To be honest, and surely owing to my lowered expectations, the fact they had American pancakes on the menu at all was a welcome surprise, though the excitement was deflated soon as our kind waitress brought my order to our table. Not only were they mini-pancakes, with the first bite it was clear they weren’t freshly made, really more akin to ones bought off a supermarket shelf. My tropical leanings notwithstanding, the coconut shavings, not quite a good idea to begin with, had unfortunately hardened to the point of being inedible. It was nice to sit outdoors in any case and to be able to have a substantial conversation far from our usual Sunday routine. Let’s see what else this sunny day has in store.

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