FIVE GUYS | Almere

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Still the best milkshakes this side of Europe.

The closest Five Guys in Amsterdam is still to be found outside it in neighboring Flevoland province, specifically in the artificial suburbs of Almere. After our successful trip to Keukenhof gardens this morning we made the nearly one-hour trip west not only to have lunch in my go-to burger place years back when I lived in DC, but also to hunt down a pair or three of Adidas Deerupts that are apparently as hard to find as a Five Guys in Amsterdam. It all seemed appropriate.


Much like our trip to see the tulips earlier, we timed it so perfectly we were front and center of the store at the stroke of 11 when they opened, were the first customers of the day, and with no else behind us had the place all to ourselves. The banana milkshake was the first time I’d ever had it and it was tear-inducingly delicious, the bacon cheeseburger reliably satisfying it was wolfed down in no time, and the fries I didn’t order came to me anyway via Teko’s inability to finish his substantial single-serving order. I felt like bursting afterwards and was honestly this close to depression from the thought that my waistline’s stubbornly on its way to middle age with no chance of turning back, but who can argue when a cheap, honest meal in a pleasant, quiet setting, enjoyed with friends and significant others can be anything but perfect. Much like going back to my 30-inch waistline, that’s something that would be very difficult to do.


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