After a short eight-week’s wait – but seriously, why it takes nearly two months for chairs to be made here is a bit ridiculous – we can finally after all these years dine in civilized fashion like most of the modern world.

It wasn’t a priority, clearly, for the two of us to have or enjoy meals together at home, though the option would have been nice when special occasions came up – the solution often which was to dine in more comfort somewhere else. The fact that our opinions and preferences rarely converged and our budgets constantly weaved in and out of practicality didn’t help but as time went on and our early priorities became reality we’ve now found ourselves to this point.


The chairs are yet another compromise – I opted for the fabric-covered Mobitec pieces while Teko chose the gray Bodilsons – but altogether not too bad a combination I think. Modern but not too much to be too abstract and practical yet aesthetically interesting. Mostly.

Hope this heralds the beginning of new habits, or more precisely the end of old ones, and if we’re lucky a setting for happy celebrations still to come.

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