DE RIJKSMUSEUM 2019 | All The Rembrandts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For a short four-month period this year the Rijksmuseum is showing a special All The Rembrandts exhibition to remember the world famous Dutch painter’s death 350 years ago by showing all his works in one place – apparently the first time this has ever been done by Amsterdam’s answer to the Louvre. Given how prolific and famous Rembrandt was and is it seemed to me it was an event that would likely be a deal to get tickets to especially on short notice, so I made it a point to order ahead as soon as I heard when my friend, Anthony, knew when he’d be here.


Today was the big day, and despite being the first working day of the week the Rijksmuseum was like Central Station I was afraid it was going to turn out badly. Luckily we muddled through with barely a scratch.


Maybe not surprisingly the most famous Rembrandt piece and the best known painting in the Rijksmuseum, The Night Watch, stayed in its usual place of honor on the second floor – far from the exhibit but not far enough that it still didn’t draw a crowd. We made a quick beeline to it after a run-though of the exhibit of paintings, drawings, and tons of etchings and even made time to pass by old favorites like the old library and with thanks to the BBC’s The Miniaturist, new favorites like Petronella Oortman’s dollhouse. It was a nice two hours of a Monday spent in the museum.


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