Long on my radar, long even before they received their recognition from Michelin, Rijks was in my shortlist of restaurants to go to when a special occasion called for it. It was hard not to miss it while walking to or from the south entrance of the Rijksmuseum, especially on summer days when their outdoor seating was open for the season, though cursory glances at the outside menu showed prices weren’t meant for normal nights out, at least in our case. Given our already limited incidences of dining in the city on the rare occasions we did, this meant that a trip there would take even longer to come. However since Anthony, who appreciates these experiences as much as I do was in town, it was one of the few opportunities to try and sneak a visit. After a months’ wait our trip to Rijks happened to be today’s lunch – highly anticipated and long in coming.


After one and a half hours Rijks proved to be one of the best lunches I’ve had in a long while. Memorable for the smiling service, clean, modern interiors, and above all the fantastic food, the meal was delicious from the first course of scallops – all the way to the last of three desserts, a rich presentation of coffee, chocolate, banana, and ice cream. Given the rare chance I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, for dinner preferably, but as life tends to throw curve balls as a way of wanting to make things interesting it’s anybody’s guess when that will be. Hopefully within my lifetime.


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