All credit goes to Monty Don.

Ever since I got hooked onto his Netflix show about making beautiful gardens from small patches of land I couldn’t wait till winter was over so we could finally put life back to our tiny balcony area, sadly more suitable as a plant graveyard for the moment. Big Dreams Small Spaces was my winter weekend guilty pleasure and absolute inspiration as I waited for Spring to come our way, and this being the first weekend of the new season with moderate temps and no rain in the forecast – and with a series of guests coming in the next few months starting with my friend, Anthony, this evening – it was the perfect time to scratch that itch from the gardening bug that’s been pestering me all these months.


From pansies to campanulas to daisies, I have to say, my balcony’s looking fairly decent if not great to look at. My back is ruined for the foreseeable future but the satisfaction of an afternoon’s hard work and the appreciation from Teko were good enough to get me through to another day. A little nature truly does wonders to the soul.

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