After a wait of three months – yes, three months for a dining table – and after more snafus than normal for something as simple as a piece of furniture, we finally have the dining table of our middle-class dreams. It’s also the only table I’ve seen so far that comes with a serial number — who would have thought.

When we bought our table online at the end of October last year little did I realize that the usual delivery time of 4-6 weeks would be delayed not once but twice, though given the quality of the piece I saw in the Flinders showroom it seemed to be worth the wait. The beautiful oak table made with seemingly high quality Nordic craftsmanship, combined with stainless steel elements adorning the legs were gorgeous to look at and it quickly made its way into my wish list. It was obscenely way off of budget but I kept an eye out for it anyway in case the stars aligned and — well, it’s inspiring to dream of nice things. After all these seven years of living in our lowly flat without a civilized place to eat we are this much closer to celebrating the events in our life, big and small, in at least a traditional way.



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