DE RUYTERHUIS | Hellevoetsluis

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It’s the middle of February here in Northern Europe and the forecast is sunny and clear in the mid-teens, something rarely if ever heard of in this part of the world. And on a weekend to boot.

Not wanting to waste this unicorn opportunity we decided last minute to drive south to Teko’s birthplace of Hellevoetsluis, a mouthful for a small city – or large town from my standpoint – in rural South Holland. After an hour’s drive we arrived to a quiet, near empty old center and made our way to a place Teko knew as an establishment run by his brother’s childhood classmate. In what should be peak lunch hour we were the very first customers of the day, to the point I think that surprised the proprietors. Ah, finally customers!

This gave me pause for a second but the decent decor and friendly staff were enough to gain trust and allay any concerns. Quiet, quick, and delicious summed up our lunch today in Hellevoetsluis. The sole was surprisingly well done.


Located next to city hall and a block away from the local church, De Ruyterhuis couldn’t have been more convenient as a jump off point to walk around town. I’ve been to Hellevoetsluis probably a dozen times by now but was surprised to find out that there was more to it than I thought I’d already seen. We walked quickly through the old parts of town along the harbor, across the narrow bridge to the west side tracing the 40’s era Atlantic Wall, while getting a history lesson from Teko along the way.


After exhausting all the famous sites, and to the strains of Que Sera Sera coming from the church tower – whoever chooses the church soundtrack for the town is so retro to the point of being current – it was time to head on back to Amsterdam. On this beautiful, sunny February day I had a pleasant rediscovery and a relaxed trip back in time, and when we’ll be there again is really anybody’s guess. What will be will be indeed.


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