Yesterday was a rather pricey day, expectedly but still surprising. After lengthy discussions over these past months and innumerable visits to different furniture stores online, as well as in real life, we finally settled on the chairs and lighting that would share the space we’ve put aside for our dining area. Given our small apartment and limited budget – oh, how I wish we had more leeway in that department – it wasn’t easy to come to common ground on the stuff that we needed, stuff that in the end may just be things, but will hopefully be part of our lives for a while. Once we finally get that long-delayed dining table delivered – Carl Hansen don’t fail us again – we can finally after all these years have a respectable area to dine, and be able to sit down like decent humans and savor our ready to cook meals as they should be. Or the occasional home-cooked spaghetti bolognese.

Improvements in our little corner of the world continues.

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