VAN SPEYK | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As we parked on Spuistraat in front of the bright red windows of the ladies of the night, I kept thinking that living in the city center would have been nice if only parking was easier. Where oh where is my million euros for a dreamy 100 sqm apartment. Busy streetwalker-neighbors notwithstanding.

We were back in the city center for our Christmas Eve dinner at Van Speyk – nothing fancy but nothing so simple either. We’d been here before with some visiting friends from the States but that was over five years ago, practically a lifetime, and if the food is the same as it was back then it wouldn’t be a disappointment at all. We got there at exactly 6 p.m. and found a still-empty dining hall completely ready for the expected evening rush, sat at a quiet corner table, and enjoyed a three-course Christmas menu that was both satisfying and practical. The soup, risotto, and coconut rice pudding all hit the right spots, and a few bites of Teko’s Angus steak was one of the best I’d had in a while.


I’ve mentioned before that this year was, apart from a few minor hiccups, one of the best I’ve had in this country so far and that thought was in my mind for much of the time these past few days. To be able to celebrate as we do and when we feel like it is a reality that many don’t experience nor even have the luxury to think about and for this I feel lucky for what I have and our celebration at Van Speyk. It was a Christmas Eve feast in the truest sense.


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