LE MARAIS | Maassluis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In what could be the start of a yearly tradition, we had our first pre-Christmas dinner with Teko’s parents in their hometown Maassluis in South Holland in a restaurant of our choosing. I wanted the venue to be classy yet approachable – no Michelins necessary – and luckily Le Marais with its French menu, starched white linen, and above-average service was able to satisfy that perfectly. Belying its simplicity, the one-page menu had interesting options that made it easy to decide and after an amuse-bouche of cod, some delicious foie gras, wild duck, and rich chocolate tart, I knew we’d chosen well. I certainly wouldn’t mind doing the same thing next year so I’m hoping Le Marais, which has only been open a year and a half now, stays around a while.

Really hoping my de facto in-laws liked it.



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