Rating: 5 out of 5.

First time I heard about it from an Italian colleague I knew it was only a question of when I’d get the chance. So happens that chance happened tonight.

After a long and arduous day at work, much more tiresome than in previous days, having to put up with pointless, nonstop complaints from colleagues about changes at work, I very much looked forward today to our weeks-planned, first time trip to the Concertgebouw for a Christmas concert. If there was a pick me up to get me back in the spirit, this was it. Since the concert didn’t start till quarter past 8, there was loads of time after work to stop for dinner and L’Angolo Italiano seemed to fit perfectly. The place came to me during a conversation with one of my Italian colleagues who discovered my affinity for good Italian food and after finding out where and how, I was relieved that Teko readily agreed to go along. Not 20 or so minutes after leaving work today we were parked right across from it on Scheldestraat in the Rieverenbuurt area ready to discover another gem of a restaurant. We weren’t disappointed.


We got a nice spacious table for two and friendly, welcoming service – though Teko would have preferred a less touchy, Northern European approach, he said. The introductory carpaccio was fine, followed by a satisfying secondi piatti of Tagliata di manzo, then topped off with a beautifully decadent molten chocolate cake. Service was fast, everything was cleaned off the plate and, touchy waiters notwithstanding, Teko felt so good he left a rare tip on top of the normal bill.

Same as in recent cases, the place got busy not soon after we arrived and was packed by the time we left – always a good sign especially when one hears native speakers enjoying a meal as well. Safe to say I have another restaurant to add to my surprisingly growing list.

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