EATMOSFERA | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After many months of wishing and hoping, it took a Tuesday night out with a colleague, Antonella, celebrating her birthday for me to finally experience it for myself. Tacky as the name is, Eatmosfera has been on my radar ever since an Italian colleague said it was one of the best Italian meals in the city. Since I’m rarely in the city center and not wanting to pass up the chance, I asked a couple of people at work if they wanted to grab a bite before our celebratory karaoke session later in the evening – another first for me in this city as well – and they luckily obliged. First ones through the door soon as it opened, we were seated in no time and served as quickly as the meals were done. A delicious roasted porchetta and panna cotta later, Eatmosfera ended up a pleasant, satisfying discovery that I can add along to the small collection of places in Amsterdam town I’d be willing and happy to come back to. Like-minded colleagues preferably included.


As for the karaoke session afterwards, it was a nice, loud, semi-private, bordering on raucous end to a fun evening. I haven’t sung in public in forever and my wailing voice clearly sounded like it’s seen better days. Except for the staff behind the bar and a couple of their friends though, the whole place was pretty much ours as our group lorded over the mic’s and song selections from Adele to Mariah to Queen to Bocelli. I blame it entirely on the cocktails.


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