BRUNCH | Little Collins

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The best-tasting brunch in Amsterdam may yet have a winner – if only they didn’t crowd us all in like we were one happy family.

With much help from a fellow expat, Agata, I finally made it to Little Collins in an impossibly millennial, (perhaps overly) privileged section of De Pijp, just northeast of Sarphatipark. The menu at Little Collins didn’t have the usual brunch options – clafoutis, anyone? – but the fact it had only one outpost and a lofty food reputation made it intriguing enough to make me schlep all the way from Nieuw-West. Despite a bit more effort than normal – a city marathon closed off a lot of downtown streets – we made it there and after a normal amount of waiting got a table, in this case Oktoberfest-type seating in their outdoor, sidewalk section, and maybe a bit awkwardly, in the same table as this one adventurous man dining solo. Apart from occasional passers-by and a foreign-sounding homeless woman begging for change, it wasn’t too uncomfortable though as is frequently the case with brunch in little Amsterdam town, our conversation could easily be heard by anyone close by. Once our somewhat blasé waiter brought our beautiful drinks, however, all became well in the world, and it got even better once our food came.


The espresso martini was an unapologetically perfect concoction for Sunday brunch, and the Korean kedgeree memorable not only for how satisfying and tasty it was – I wolfed it down completely- but also for the fact I’d never had it before, though it’s certain I’d offer a blank stare to whoever asked me a few days from now to recall the name. Agata and I ended up having a decent conversation after all, even after a trio of Belgians joined us in our already cozy group table.

Without hesitation I’d go back to Little Collins to try others on the menu, though it intentionally won’t be on another weekend. Great cocktails aside, to be scrunched up in Oktoberfest-type seating isn’t ideal under any occasion, and even though dessert was still an option we ended up going to Matcha Bar for some Japan-adjacent sweets, a short walk away from the maddening crowd. Here’s hoping Little Collins keeps up the high quality until next time.


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