Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Just because.

After my dental appointment this afternoon, which I braced myself for with three small-sized sugar donuts, the only things I’ve had to eat so far today, both Teko and I had the afternoon free to do as we pleased. Mere seconds after my dental session, we went on our way to Alkmaar 40 or so kilometers north, for a very late lunch. While the drive was uneventful, the pleasant rural scenery punctuated by the occasional sun breaking through the clouds kept it interesting. Always good to have so much freedom of choice and mobility as we have in this part of the world.

Our dining destination turned out to be tricky to get to by car owing to Alkmaar’s perhaps unsurprising popularity during weekends, and the street market that sprouted up on the road going there. We were able to grab one of the last spots in the parking building just outside the old center and walked only a short distance to the Heeren van Sonoy, a restaurant with so much character a 3 p.m. lunch wasn’t so strange given how busy it still was when we got there. For a 16th century monastery, it still saw a lot of action.


With the recent drop in temperature, a visit to a medieval town, and a stroll through a pre-winter street market, I was reminded how an upcoming holiday yet to be named is still my favorite time of year – and just around the corner. It won’t be too long when we’ll be on the road again to maybe Cologne or Bruges to have some wood-fired bratwurst, hot coco, and feel the spirit of the season.

Just because.


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