DUTCH HOUSES | Huis Doorn 2018

Rating: 4 out of 5.

On this beautiful, spring-like autumn day, we spent a good part of it at a house that an emperor once called home.

An outing with Teko’s friend that was planned several weeks back luckily coincided today with great weekend weather, a phrase we’ll be unlikely to hear much of very soon. Our meeting was at an estate called Huis Doorn in Utrecht province, an hour’s drive away and the last official address of Wilhelm II, a man who once had palaces and castles and ruled what is now present-day Germany.

I’d actually been here a little over five years ago and it’s a testament to the Dutch that everything is still the same – well-maintained, intact, and looking good. The fact that the grounds are free for everyone to roam around in is an amazing perk and to be surrounded by such history is a privilege that, really, few societies can afford. When the world feels like it’s going inexorably crazy at times, a trip to such an place is just the solution.


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