CENTRO 2018 | Oberhausen

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We’re back in the land of the Ausfahrt.

On a rather early and bright Saturday morning we drove the two-hour length of Dutch highway and German autobahn to go shopping in Oberhausen, where Europe’s largest shop mall is located. This marked the first time we’d crossed borders in months, at least since early July when I went to Spain. It was a nice day for a road trip and the ride was for the most part actually quite relaxing.


The free parking is always a welcome surprise and not for long we were walking the halls of what would count as a typical, middle class mall in America, one of the nicer ones at least. It was large enough to be manageable and some parts of it reminded me of Pentagon City in Virginia that it did feel like I was back in the States for a moment. We stayed for a few hours enough to do minor damage to Teko’s bank account, and after a fish and chips meal at Nordsee – still known to me as the place where elderly people come to dine – and a barely-decent attempt at a burger plus a super-sweet mojito at the American-themed Louisiana, all of which did sufficient damage to my waistline, we decided to go back home. With 8 new shirts, a sweater jacket, and a new pair of shoes, someone had Christmas come way early this year.


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