After tons of hesitation and back-and-forth discussions about practicality, we finally upgraded our home art by leaps and bounds today. Our tiny collection of graphic art from the SBK, one of several art loan organizations in the Netherlands, was now officially paid off by the credit we’d accumulated over the years, which happily meant our small art budget was available for other pieces, and more excitingly, open season for other, even better art companies. After a few finger taps online I found one that had a near-infinite collection complete with pictures, and user-friendly enough that it was easy to gather a selection from which to choose a few that could possibly live with us for a while. It was a tough choice.

We now have in our loaned possession a colorful graphic piece from Jacqueline Shafer perched on the wall above the couch, a glass-like photo of a pink tulip from Jolanda Swaen, and my favorite, Lola Eradus’s humorous, original painting of a cow with a taste for flowers. It’s going to be a long while before we save enough credit to buy these as well so I hope life keeps shining on us while they do. It would be a shame to give up my cow so soon after.



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