Weekend mornings are really the only time when breakfast gets proper attention and I can still remember cold Saturday mornings in California when a breakfast of scrambled eggs, batter-sourced pancakes, Aunt Jemima, and crunchy bacon were served just in time before cartoons came on TV. Typically American and sorely missed at times. The cartoons have now long given way to morning talk shows – mostly – but the occasionally depressing thought that those mornings are hard to replicate gets to me. There is a small ray of hope, however. Pancakes – rather, mini-pancakes, of the ready to eat kind – have made their presence known, along with Canadian maple syrup, which was a completely welcome surprise.



I’ve railed time and again about the shortcomings of food shopping here in first-world Netherlands, where you’ll never see the likes of rocky road ice cream, corn dogs, or sweet tea, and where the largest grocery store I’ve seen so far is about half the size of the Whole Foods on P Street in Washington DC, but I suppose it’s good they don’t focus as much on quantity and variety as otherwise a lot of Dutch would end up as obese as Americans. For those who aren’t so inclined though the nostalgia could border on emotional. Now if only I could get some thick Canadian bacon on the side.

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