Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

On a blustery, semi-sunny Friday afternoon after another prosaic day at work, our plan to drive 50 kilometers to Utrecht for a round of TGI Friday’s was at the last minute overruled by a much closer, hence more practical, and more interesting alternative. Rather than schlep all the way to Utrecht center, our destination was close enough to work we could have gotten there in three minutes’ time – if we could drive over water that is. It was smelling distance across the river in Amsterdam Noord, which is turning out to be our favorite neighborhood these days seeing as we’ve been there several times in the last few weeks. As we reached our destination and found easy parking, the views from the Pollux Pacific were no different from last time – the Ij River hypnotic, and the thought of moving out of Osdorp and into this area North of the city was just as tempting. Impractical as it was.

We sat down to a half-full dining hall and got the quickest Dutch service in recent memory, and friendly to boot. A good start indeed. While our drinks were on their way I took a chance to spy the rest of the ship and enjoyed the last moments of summer sun I’ll be having in a while. It was easy to imagine enjoying a gin and tonic or two on the upper deck on a nice, sunny afternoon weekend, with calm water just steps away.


Our Friday night dinners have taken interesting turns of late and the venue for this evening lived up to expectations. The novelty of dining on a classic sailing ship was clearly the attraction though our no-nonsense meal – the burger was unexceptional though decent – was over almost soon after we arrived. Wonder what else Amsterdam Noord has hiding in the area.

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