Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s been a very quiet few weeks lately. In contrast with the record high temps we’ve been having – unbelievable 30s for this part of the world – it’s been coupled with some record, literally depressing, lows at work. The quality of the jobs I’m tasked with these days leaves so much to be desired, and my loss of functioning brain cells is testament to it. Life has to move on nonetheless.

With no substantial plans for this weekend, which happens to coincide with always crazy Amsterdam Gay Pride, I was intrigued by Teko’s idea to resurrect my driving skills, something I haven’t used in easily over a decade. After a few rounds of driving around a parking lot, like riding a bicycle it all came back to me though I admittedly still need to get more acquainted with our Fiesta’s sensitive brake system. A Dutch driver’s license may yet be in my future.

And since we were in the vicinity, plus I hadn’t eaten anything all morning, a stop at nearby Boerderij Meerzicht – translated, lake view farm – sounded appropriate. The Dutch quaintness of the place still gets to me.


Their specialty is Dutch pancakes, akin more to French crepes than the fluffy American version, which alas they don’t carry, and comes in more variations as any IHOP menu. I got the odd combo of ham, cheese, and house tomato sauce, which turned out nicely but was unfortunately too big to consume for one morning.

I’ve been here on many occasions since the first time four years ago and it has yet to get old. Despite my nearly a decade of living here I still can’t help but feel like a interloper, especially in incredibly Dutch places like this, but I suppose that’s a great deal of what makes living here still interesting. If I ever did begin to feel like a local, that would be the end of the road I think. Life has to move on.


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