DEVENTER | Netherlands

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I woke up to another sunny weekend morning today – a rarity in the truest sense – and wondered about possibilities ahead. Would it be another purely unproductive day, punctuated maybe by the mundane task of laundry and something minimally entertaining like laying on the couch while Netflix played in the background. Or would I find myself, contrary to personal nature, motivated to go out and do something, with other people even. For a moment it seemed like the former as my partner said he would like to go visit his mother in Rotterdam, a notion that caught me visibly off-guard. After noticing that, he quickly turned around and gave options for things we could do together instead, until finally deciding on a road trip to Deventer, an hour and change away.


Aside from an oddly-named clothing store called Scamm, whose marketing team surely must have balls of steel to be able to sell such a place, Deventer turned out to be a nice, accessible, little town with its empty but not entirely neglected 14th century Lebuinus church, and a potentially good restaurant in No 11 Inspired By Jackies. The few hours we were there were more than enough to get to know yet another part of ever-shrinking Netherlands and make me feel I’d done something relevant for the day.

Now what to do about tomorrow.

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