Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

And here it is, the last cocktail of the trip. We spent all day today either at the pool area or sleeping in the room (actually got kicked out of the room by housekeeping who came back after an earlier attempt once before while I was asleep). After nearly nonstop activity these past two weeks, and with the notion of going straight to work on Monday, it was necessary to take this Saturday ‘off’ to decompress before flying back tomorrow and face normal weekend life for the few hours remaining, and then real life on Monday. The pool area was surprisingly inviting for a Saturday, the sun shone all day up until all that was left was the usual shadow cast over the pool area in the late afternoon. The chill out music was spot on, the mojito was beautiful, and with the sky practically cloud-free, it was as good as any Saturday could get.

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