Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Continuing on our theme of laziness for today, our final dinner in Barcelona was a no-nonsense meal that wasn’t too far away in the Gothic Quarter. Colom Restaurant was the closest decent, moderately-priced restaurant within walking distance, and it was a quick enough walk through thick crowds to get there. We got the usual staples for starters – anchovies and pulpo – and the black paella for two. The pulpo was good, the anchovies too salty, and the paella just right.


I’m glad we ended up staying in the city center as it’s totally walkable, overcrowded with tourists notwithstanding, and chancing upon several of the many different plazas and squares was like discovering one oasis after another. It’s incredible how this city is so alive. The only drawback I’d say was having to be constantly aware of pickpockets, which this city is notorious for. Thankfully for the past eight days, we came through unscathed. Tomorrow we fly back to Amsterdam and back to normal life.


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