GIRONA | Spain

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We took the early train today from Barcelona Sants station to Girona, a quick 40 minutes away. The fast train left on time and before I could nod off, which tends to happen when I’m in a moving vehicle, we were already at our destination with tour guide, Mireia, there waiting for us. After a warm greeting, we started our tour of her hometown at the local market, looking at different produce, and since it was a foodie tour after all, she showed us different types of fish, cheese, meats, and veggies, which all came from different parts of Catalonia.

Mireia then treated us to a breakfast at the in-market bar, and to the detriment of my waistline, added some more calories with a cheese-tasting from one of the gourmet shops afterwards, all of it spiced with some interested, or maybe curious, stares from the locals wherever we went. It didn’t look like they were used to hearing a local speaking English to a couple of Asians and pointing out stuff in their market, regular stuff they see and buy on any normal day – it was an understandably unusual situation for most.


Our wandering breakfast was followed by a necessary walk through the historical side of Girona as we scaled the medieval wall that ran the perimeter of old town. This segued onto the location sites for the fanatic-inducing Game of Thrones, where Mireia regaled us with stories of super-fans and their antics, spending hours in each location and live instagramming every moment of it. If the crowds are any evidence, Girona is more popular because of this and no doubt will be for some time.


At some point it was time for lunch, and for me at least, this proved to be the highlight of the tour. Mireia chose well.

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