THE CITY BAR | Barcelona

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a super-cheap but filling dinner of pseudo-Asian cuisine at a place called Wok-to-Walk close to the hotel, we walked off the rice calories by going through the Gothic Quarter, retracing our steps from several days ago and discovering new streets and alleys that made me realize how much more interesting and layered Barcelona is. We chanced on the plaza fronting the cathedral and saw it was still alive with music, and seniors moving in circular unison that reminded me of Greek dancing, dark-lit alleys that led to open bars and restaurants, and small plazas out of nowhere proved to be congregation points or outdoor dining venues. It was all so civilized and European.


We ended up back at the hotel and stopped by the in-house City Bar out of curiosity and consequently ended up with a nightcap before calling it a day. Another successful day of playing tourist, and another early start tomorrow.



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