BARCELONA | Idleness

I was left mostly to my own devices today as my fiend, Anthony, has gone to his conference meetings leaving me with an entire day to plan for myself. With not much to do and no inclination to do anything I was at risk of staying in like a hermit in our hotel room, which was a truly sad prospect. I then got myself out of bed, showered, and dressed so as to get out of my creeping doldrums and decided to check out the fitness room at a satellite location that was part of the hotel group I was staying with. After about a five minute walk I saw the building, got an access key, and saw a fitness center with three cardio machines, a couple of saunas, and nothing else. Not really that useful for today. There was also a pool area though the cloudy weather has put the kibosh getting my tan evened and going to the mall is somewhat redundant having been there already yesterday. Unless I go to the city center to just aimlessly walk around, there actually isn’t anything remotely interesting left. Surrendering to reality, I decided to hike back to the hotel and hang out like a bum in the outdoor lounge, with an icy sweet drink as company. Oh life can be interestingly challenging at times.


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