Rating: 4 out of 5.

Our lunch today was an extravagant display of Japanese food that is certainly worth the Michelin star they’ve earned so far. After our very nice tour of the Palau de la Música Catalana, our little group of three was joined by a fourth after which our motley group decided to stay in the neighborhood for lunch. Less than five minutes’ walk away was Koy Shunka which I discovered after an endless search of places to eat, and even if it wasn’t entirely Catalan or Spanish I made a note of it just in case. After locating what appeared to be their secret entrance, as we came in and asked for a table for four, we were politely told it wasn’t possible, but as we were leaving the maitre’d suddenly changed gears and asked us if we could wait a few minutes, upon which we were seated at a table surrounded by high chairs that gave us a good vantage point of the starting-to-get-busy open kitchen. What followed was great service and one small, bordering on tiny, dish after another – totaling maybe seven all in all – that left a couple in our group wanting for more and me nevertheless satisfied afterwards. While I did find the endless biting comments about the food uncomfortable, it was for me a highlight of the trip and, assuming I find myself in Barcelona a third time, something I wouldn’t mind considering again.



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