Rating: 4 out of 5.

There wasn’t a line to get in when we got to Castell de Montjuic, a sign that we’d come to the right place at the right time. It was one of the few sites left that we hadn’t seen yet and one of the even fewer choices that were open on Sundays so finding out how easy it was to get in was a bonus. It wasn’t entirely accessible but thank god for cabs as we zipped through traffic and got there right after lunch in the Cathedral area, and quickly bought our tickets for the guided tour. We didn’t have to wait long for it to start and lucked out as there were only three of us in the group, Anthony, myself, and a fellow from Mexico, though our guide was a somewhat unsure, young woman who kept apologizing for many tiny details she wasn’t getting right. It didn’t bode well in the beginning but she learned her rhythm soon as we went along. Being part of a tour group it seemed literally opened doors for us as our guide at many points used keys to get into different areas of the castle, which I’d learned has a horrid backstory filled with imprisonment and executions. Among the many rooms we went to, the more important ones would have to be the dungeon where the prisoners were kept and access to the top of the tower that looks over the castle grounds. There was also a tiny detail about the Philippine national hero being jailed there for a spell while on his way to Cuba. All very interesting details for sure, but as has been my habit, I barely listened to the entire proceedings and focused more on my inner Ansel Adams in getting the right memory immortalized in photos.


The trip back to the hotel turned fun as we rode the Teleferico as far down as we could, in the process passing over a large dance party in Mirador, likely an event for pride weekend. While it was tempting to stop by and have a look, I was quite sure Anthony would have preferred to go elsewhere, which in this case was the hotel, dinner close by, and then an early night for him to get ready for his meetings tomorrow. All in all it was an easy, extravagant, and delicious Sunday and not a bad way to start the month.


3 thoughts on “CASTELL DE MONTJUIC | Barcelona

  1. I remember to visit a castle in Montjuic area some years ago, but i´m not sure if is this one… from there, we could see the port and the cemetery… anyway, fantastic photos 🙂 regards from sunny Lisbon, PedroL


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