Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We got dealt another good hand today as Anthony’s two friends, Ruel and Arnie, once again offered to take us around, this time to gastronomic capital, San Sebastián, and just in time as we were winding down our sun-soaked tour of Bilbao. The capital of Pintxos, Mugaritz, and Arzak, and the region with the most Michelin stars in the world is even more interesting because of its location by the Bay of Biscay and its reputation as a city for the well to-do. In making the most of our time here, pintxos hopping will have to take precedence over beautifully-plated, likely unreachable cuisine, and that’s absolutely fine by me.

Let this movable feast begin.


San Sebastian I discovered is a very attractive town blessed with a beautiful harbor and photogenic streetscapes truly fit for wandering from one restaurant to the next. By the end of our pintxos hop I developed a food coma that, unless I develop bulimia as well, only time can heal. Incredibly, the first two places we visited, La Cepa and Ganbara, had exceptional, queue-worthy food, with Ganbara being so popular patrons were literally eating on the streets, and the third, Bardulia, just barely making the grade. I can confidently say, experiencing a Michelin star restaurant in San Sebastián would’ve barely made a difference in my satisfaction meter and if I had to come back I’d do it the same way again — well, maybe with the exception of Arzak.


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