Rating: 5 out of 5.

The plan for dinner was delayed a bit as the restaurant we were sitting in was apparently only open for drinks. After our life-changing trek to Gaztelugatxe earlier, our little group of four globetrotting Filipinos took the time to take in the views from the Gaztelu Begi restaurant’s fantastic overlook of the surrounding landscape. We were the only ones on the terrace, talking loudly and laughing with abandon, so much so I was concerned someone was going to ask us to pipe down. No one did thankfully, and after about an hour or so we decided to go grab a typically late Spanish dinner in nearby Bakio.

Once there, we found a very nice restaurant beautifully fronting Biscay Bay beach. The proprietor also happened to be our server for the evening and she couldn’t have been more accommodating such that the three courses and Txacoli wine we each took tasted even better. Fortuitously coinciding with our trip, it also happened to be Arnie’s birthday, and a candle on her cheesecake was the perfect touch. It was all so nice – even Michelin evidently thinks so – we tried to justify it, maybe unnecessarily, as a reward for our earlier trek. Gotzon was hopefully a memorable way to celebrate the occasion and definitely a fantastic way to cap another day in Basque Country.


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