ALCÁZAR | Sevilla

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Despite modicum effort, our visit to Alcázar didn’t start off in smooth fashion yesterday.

My overreliance on google is to blame I have to admit. I’ve found it to be a lifesaver on many an occasion and it didn’t cross my mind that a supposed 4-minute walk from the hotel to the Alcázar could end up being so circuitously roundabout. As a result, after a very relaxed breakfast, we took an unplanned tour of the University of Seville next door, followed by a walk back to the other side of the hotel through to a dead end alley, until I had the gumption to stop and ask some armalite-wielding policemen where the fortress entrance was, which turned out to be exactly 4 minutes away. So while we were 15 minutes late for our time slot, google turned out to be correct in the first place. Once we got there, the foresight of buying tickets online was clearly an excellent idea as a lot of people thought to simply line up that morning, so when we rushed to make our time, we made it to the head of the line with only a few beads of sweat and exasperation. After grabbing our audiophones, it was easy enough to walk unencumbered throughout the whole complex, something that surprised me after all I’d read about how popular the place was. With manageable well-behaved crowds, a day much cooler than yesterday, and a look at the filming sites for Game of Thrones, our day at the Alcázar was complete.


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