Rating: 4 out of 5.

Climbing high up a tower in the peak of summer in Southern Europe wouldn’t necessarily come into my top 10 things to do but that’s what we did anyway – because we still could and because it was there. When the time comes that I’m back in Seville again and in front of the city’s most famous tower, I can be assured there won’t be a semblance of regret, back pain be damned.

Immediately after the cathedral, we saw the entrance to the famous mosque tower turned Catholic belfry and as we’d already paid for entry, went up and around and up and around 34 ramps – luckily they were wide enough as they were built to fit two horses riding side by side. Once up there we saw the entire city skyline, not entirely breathtaking but nice to look at nonetheless. Naturally going down was much easier and soon we were on solid conblestoned ground on the lookout for a repast to replace the lost calories. Our time for tapas is coming soon.



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